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Brazilian METAR decoding

Dec 5, 2013 at 1:29 AM

Currently I am building a program that should also able to decode METAR data, but most of my strings come in Brazilian format as soon as the strings come from Brazilian Air Force.
I sincerely don't know the differences between brazilian-EU-american standarts, but almost all brazilian strings seems to decode in the demo program. Some doesn't give errors, but lack information, for example:
METAR SBSJ 241500Z 32003KT 8000 -RA BKN013 FEW025TCU BKN080 23/22 Q1018 RERA=

The decoded data simply misses the "RERA" area. (In Brazilian standard, RE describes a significant weather condition that happened between the last message and the current message but ceased to happen at least 10 minutes before the current message, RA is the weather condition that occurred). I might find further "problematic" strings later.

Seems to be simple to add brazilian format support to the libraries. This is the simplified manual for Brazilian METAR decoding:
It is in Portuguese, but I am able to translate it to you. May I work with you in order to add support for brazilian format to the libraries? It would help me a lot and could contribute to the project in some way...

Thank You,