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Taf.ToCode excludes RMK


The structure of Taf.ToCode() roughly matches that of TafDecoder._Decode(), except for the final Remark property. As a result, generating a report from a parsed TAF has the effect of stripping off any remarks that may have been included.
    protected override Taf _Decode(string source)
        if (ret.IsMissing == false)
            ret.Trends = new TrendInfoForTafListDecoder().Decode(ref pom);
        ret.Remark = new RemarkDecoder() { Required = false }.Decode(ref pom);
    public override string ToCode()
      if (IsMissing == false)
        foreach (var fItem in this.Trends) ...

      return ret.ToString();
It looks like Taf.ToCode() should use this code from Metar.ToCode():
      if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(this.Remark))
        ret.AppendPreSpaced("RMK " + this.Remark);